Monday, December 12, 2011

Ted, Just Admit It

Proof that there was a time when Perry Farrell was actually involved in making good music.
While the album came out in 1988, I associate it with the summer of 2000:  I was working backstage in a production of Wizard of Oz and I had met an awesome new friend.  When not at class or at the theatre, I would spend a lot of time writing bad poetry, drinking and listening to this:*

So why is it here?  "Ted, Just Admit It" contains samples from an interview with serial killer Ted Bundy.

There's going to be people turning up in canyons, there's going to be people being shot in Salt Lake City , because the police there aren't willing to accept what i think they know, and they know that i didn't do these things.

That's Bundy, denying his crimes.  Despite overwhelming evidence, he proclaimed his innocence throughout his trials.  It was only until his appeals were exhausted that he began to give details about the murders.

Despite the song's age, there's a certain relevance to it: blood, violence and crime: it doesn't really bother people in this modern age.

*I also spent a lot of time listening to Summertime Rolls, but you didn't come here for a love story.

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