Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Nick Cave's Birthday!

I was pretty busy last week due to my brother's wedding, but I'm back.  Back in time to celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite singers.  Nick Cave was born today in 1957, in Warracknabeal Australia. 

I'm sure some of you are saying "who in the hell is Nick Cave?" He's a singer, songwriter, composer, novelist, screenwriter and a all around badass dude.  He's fronted The Bad Seeds for about 27 years, and his latest protect Grinderman has blown musicians more than half his age out of the water.

Because it is my blog. I figured I'd post some of my favorite Nick Cave songs.

Deanna (damn you "embedding disabled by request")

Brompton Oratory . . .

Tupelo.  This one is from Denver, where yours truly was in the audience.

How cool is Nick Cave?  So cool that Johnny Cash covered one of his songs.

Because of this date, I decided it was time to make my special announcement.

Read on . . .

In November, Sing a Song of Murder, will be covering every song from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' 1996 album Murder Ballads.   Stabbings, bludgeoning, mass murder, child murder, child murderers, vengeful women, and demented men.  The blood will flow, and the body count is going to be high folks.

Outofsorrow, who helms The Black Crow King, will be contributing to this rather massive task, and hopefully others will as well (still asking around).

So get ready . . .

All God's children, they've all gotta die . . .

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