Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sing a Song of . . . Steamrollers?: The Big Tragedy AKA Slide Her Under The Door

"The Big Tragedy" contains no murders.  Yet the fate of "little Rosemarie" and the reaction of her beloved upon hearing the news of her demise makes it worthy of inclusion here.

When I first became aware of this song, it was titled "Slide Her Under the Door" sung by one Moses Longpiece. Turns out that when DJ Pete "Mad Daddy"Myers (of WHUS in Cleveland)  received the single, the record bore no mention of the title of the song or the name of the singer.  So the "Big Tragedy" became "Slide Her Under the Door" and Johnny Lance became Moses Longpiece.

I almost hate to call this a novelty song.  I love the guitar sound, and Moses' . . . er, Johnny's smooth, deep vocals.  The punchline and the "CLANG" of the instruments brings it together perfectly. A lovely, near forgotten cut from a time when rock n' roll was truly strange.

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