Monday, September 12, 2011

Get Your Gunn

Pseudo-morals work real well
On the talk shows for the weak
Selective judgements
And goodguy badges
Don't mean a fuck to me
- Marilyn Manson, Get Your Gunn

Okay everyone let's all take a nice deep breath, and prepare for the following article.  This article will mention, abortion.  By all means give your opinion, but please be civil.  

Oh and there's Marilyn Manson, but really, is anyone still shocked by him anymore?  

According to Marilyn Manson, Get Your Gunn was inspired by the 1993 murder of abortion provider Dr. David Gunn.(Link)  Gunn's killer Michael Griffin claimed he was acting on orders from God:

"For five hours that afternoon, Griffin stood outside The Ladies Center waiting for Gunn to leave. Griffin recalls: "I felt like I had another word from the Lord for him: that he was accused and convicted of murder and that his sentence was Genesis 9:6 'Whosoever sheds man's blood, by man his blood shall be shed.'" 
"Then, right before he got in his car, I said, 'David Gunn, are you going to kill children next week?' " Griffin claims that Gunn replied by saying, "Yeah. Probably."

Five days later, Griffin fired three .38caliber bullets into Gunn's back as the doctor got out of his car in the parking lot behind the offices of the city's other abortion clinic, Pensacola Women's Medical Services.  (Link)
I've pretty much been pro-choice since 6th grade.  I have this memory of being the only person who raised my hand in support of abortion during a current events discussion.  At age 15, this song pretty much represented everything I was angry about.  At this point in my life the lyrics seem a little bit, silly at times.  Still, listening to it takes me back to my dark little bedroom; writing bad poetry, jumping around, slamming doors etc.  Ah, memories.

There's also something in me that recognizes the song's rage.  The anger at the hypocrisy of it all.  On the day Dr. Tiller was murdered, I gave Get Your Gunn another listen.  Goddamn your righteous hand . . .

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