Thursday, July 29, 2010

Death (Row) in Texas

"Oh, woe is me, the state has put a date on me"
- Puerto Muerto w/ The Pine Valley Cosmonauts, The Hangman's Song

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has a page about their death row. It's a fascinating read, complete with statistics and a list of executed prisoners, and soon to be executed prisoners. What's really interesting is that the list of executions from 1983 onwards has info about their crimes and their last statements:

Tucker, Karla
TDCJ #: 777
Race: White
Age: 38

Pinkerton, Jay
TDCJ #: 686
Race: White
Age: 24

Fuller, Justin
TDCJ# 999266
Race: Black
Age: 27

For their last statement some ask for forgiveness from the families of their victims, some proclaim their innocence, some speak to their own families, and some say absolutely nothing.

There are currently three people with scheduled executions. Peter Cantu, a hispanic male from Harris county is due to be executed on August 17th. So remember, on August 17th, in Texas and possibly another state, justice will be served, or they'll be killing a human to prove that killing is wrong. It's up to you to make the decision.

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